Como 2: Linear city

Brunate (Photographer: Short Journeys/Flickr)
Brunate (Photographer: Short Journeys/Flickr) (click-2-enlarge)

When I interviewed Dutch architect John Körmeling this spring on his design for the Dutch pavilion on the Shanghai Expo 2010, he told me he had been inspired by the idea of the linear city: an elongated city along a single infrastructural line. Le Corbusier once had proposed such a city for Algiers, Körmeling remembered. In the design by Körmeling for the Shanghai Expo 2010 the idea of the linear city took the form of a winding road lined with individual houses.

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Como 1: Airport

Como (Photographer: Albyper/Flickr)
Como (Photographer: Albyper/Flickr) (click-2-enlarge)

Generally airports are considered a hazard. All airports in the Netherlands, big and small, receive huge amounts of complaints about the noise of the airplanes flying over. Before I visited Como a couple weeks ago, I could hardly imagine an airport potentially being a positive thing. In Como however it seems it is.

Let me explain. Como is a small Italian city about an hour north of Milan. The lake the city lies at, Lake Como, is heavily used by all kinds of boats, but also by Aero Club Como. On a good day small planes continuously fly off, either to give tourists another perspective on the landscape or just for the sports of it. Instead of using an airstrip the planes take off from the lake.

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